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杉井 雄汰

An idea worth spreading

Fukushima is full with fascinating diverse ideas. The reason to this is because Fukushima is combined together by three quite different regions. These regions are regions that can be apart in mountain range, and are developing in the background of quite a different history. Facing the Pacific Ocean is Hama-Dori a thriving fishing industry, next is Naka-Dori in central province playing a political breakthrough, and last the Aizu region with nature and traditional industries. Fukushima consisting of these three various regions brings together excellent ideas of various and diverse sectors.

Even after the terrible event which occured on March 11th of 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake, many people gather together with excellent ideas to make Fukushima a better place.

I’m passionate about

My “passion” comes from the connection with “people”. Connection with people not only broadens ideas but also brings the power to make people take action. Until this point, every time I begin a new project I had focused on “people”. For example, while being involved in an NPO project called “Safecast,” what called “citizen science”; a social movement that includes citizens is currently having a world-class collection of open data. What is moving this world is not technology, nor design, nor entertainment, it is “people”. What makes a change in this world is a connection between a person and a person. I have the passion to make the environment where the power and knowledge of each person will be at their best state. When I can bring this best environment to success, I feel not only great fascination but “passion” as well.